Sometimes I just want to tell you to take that wine and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

There is this moment in life when you realise that you no longer think drinking is that cool and you actually want to have a conversation with friends that you remember clearly. This has led me to a personal goal of being able to go out and have drinks with friends, have a fun party but also drink water in between so that I am still in control of my decisions.  It doesn’t always work out for me, but I try.  Perhaps it is from waking up the night after a drinks session and being embarrassed at my actions or not being able to remember what transpired.

On the flip side of the coin, it is hurtful to  interact with someone that has had a drink or two and whatever malice they have for you becomes so completley obvious that all sober interactions lose any merit or sincerity.  Perhaps it isn’t so much malice towards the person as much as it is the situation that the two people are in, and despite that mature voice in the head of the person drinking that tells them “it isn’t this person’s fault” deep down inside it easier to place blame and have something or someone to be angry at.  Alcohol seems to erase any rationale.

Alcohol brings out the demons in everyone from jealousy to anger to promiscuity;  it magnifies things that bother us, and it gives us the courage we dont have when we are sober.   A very dangerous cocktail of self-destruction or destruction of those around you.

Who am I to talk though?   I am not a completly sober person or an angel myself.   I am still learning as well.  It is just me venting.


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