Le Deutsch

As we all know, Germany is famous for it’sbeer and it is well known that they dedicate a whole month to celebrating the drinking of beer out of massive steins served by blondes in peasant tops with breasts pushed up to their chin.  It is fair to assume that beligerant alcoholism runs rampant in this country; or perhaps I am just being an unfair bigot who likes to stereotype.

Either way, here is a story to prove my point:

A 35 year old German man from the small town of Herne decided to get inebriated five years ago in a night which ended up with a bullet to his head.  The catch is, he had no idea that he was shot in the head and lived with the bullet lodged in his head for 5 years, until one day he sobered up and realised there was huge lump on his skull.

After suffering from headaches for the last year, he made the assumption that it was a cyst.  Mr.  Robert Chojecki finally got his wits about him and decided to go see a doctor and have it removed.

This is when he found out that he actually had a .22 caliber bullet in his head.  He assumes it was a celebratory shot and nothing of malice.  One will never know.


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