The Morning After

The World Cup is over.  No more excitement in the streets.  Vuvuzelas gave me one last wake up call at 4am (hopefully).

Prior to the event, many of us anxiously awaited the outcome of Terreblanche’s murder and the bigoted and racist remarks that followed by ANC Youth Leader Julius Melema.   Tension filled the air.  Everyone had a passionate opinion about the issues South Africa was facing and somehow we were all allowing these hateful, self-important figures to get the better of us.

I had my reservations about FIFA and still do.  It is hard for me to support an organisation like FIFA for varied reasons, often my problem lies with my perception of them taking advantage of less fortunate third world nations like the one I am living in.  I understand they have launched programs such as 1 goal to aid with education here, but that is literally a fraction of the profits they will pocket and leave the country with.   It also wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t place some of the blame on the government which chooses to fraternize with them.  South African will be paying for this World Cup for years to come and many doing so while struggling to live an extremely impoverished lifestyle.

Although I still feel this way, I have come full circle in my opinion.  The World Cup could not have come at a better time for this country.  I still don’t agree with FIFA’s values and operation choices but I do think that it relieved racial tensions and it was truly magical to see the country come together in true unity and celebration.

…but now what do we do?


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