North Korea: A Country Led by an Idiot with an Over-Inflated Ego


North Korea has been in the media everywhere lately; it’s leader often pinning himself at the forefront of controversy and debate.

Most recently, the entire World has been watching and waiting to see what will happen after North Korea sank one of South Korea’s warships in neutral territory, killing 43 sailors.  Once c

onfronted by European nations and the U.S., the ever so rational leader of South Korea, Kim Jong-il decided to threaten nuclear war should they be brought to international court for their offense.  It is clear that North Korea has been and still is, a far bigger threat than Iraq ever was, but I digress.

As I sat here watching World Cup news a week or so ago, I listened on as vice-president of the North Korea FA  stated that:

“North Korea will win the World Cup. It is because of the great support of our Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il that our national team will make this great achievement.”

He said this the same day the North Korean team was set to play Brazil, a five time World Cup winner.  I will let you guess how many times North Korea has won. This doesn’t even top the fact the no game will be aired in North Korea unless it is a win in their favor.

Is it just me, or does this stink of dictatorship, over-inflated egos  and just plain stupidity?

North Korea went on to lose to Brazil 2-1.  A respectable score if it hadn’t been precipitated with such pompous and idiotic comments.  The clincher for me, was watching Portugal beat the shit out of North Korea, 7-1.

This now leads me to the recent detainment and sentencing of an American who illegallyentered North Korea, Aijalon Mahli Gomes.  He has been sentenced to 8 years hard labor.  I can only imagine what Kim Jong Il considers hard labor.

I suppose I could go on and on about all the horrible things Kim does.  I could sit here and snicker as I think about the title he has given his country: The People’s Republic of North Korea.  His little man syndrome could be analyzed, his apparent lack of self-esteem and need to feel power or his constant abuse of anyone that does not adhere to his strict and irrational policies, but why bother.  He will continue to do what he does until someone sends a missile into his palatial grounds blowing him to pieces.



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