The Eternal Quest for the Female Orgasm

Drug manufacturers in the U.S. are frantically searching for a drug that increases sexual desire in women.  After the enormous response over drugs like Viagra that allow men all over the world to forever forget their impotence problems; American’s Corporate Pharmaceutical Companies, see an opportunity to make a few million bucks.

While I am all for women having a fulfilling sex life that equally rivals men, I do find it disturbing that the trend is to medicate ourselves rather than looking at natural remedies or even psychological causes.  Maybe that is just my inner-hippy talking.

Basically, all these companies are trying to be the first to offer this amazing “sex pill” for women without much success.  Some are trying to stimulate chemicals in the brain, others are looking at increasing blood flow to the vag.  The FDA has even approved a device that is like a mini-hand held vacuum to increase blood flow to the clitoris.  I wonder if it causes swelling?

I personally think the problem with women and sex is that rather than being vocal and honest about what we want, often times we try to please our partner first.   This then leads to him finishing and us left in the dust.   Sometimes it just boils down to the dude having no clue how to do things, such as not knowing where or how to stimulate and some not realizing that foreplay is an essential aspect of sexual pleasure for most women (you have to warm up the engine, before speeding off).  The other problem for women, seems to be not wanting to hurt their partners feelings, therefore they don’t speak up about what they like and don’t like, this then leads to the faking of orgasms; again, trying not to hurt the guy’s feelings and leading him to believe he is some sort of Don Juan.

The stigma of a sexual woman being a slut, I believe also contributes.  Women are discouraged from being sexual at an early age and negative connotations follow any one that does choose to be sexual.  Men masturbate and have no problem disclosing that they do to just about anyone, but women will often claim that they do no such thing.  If we aren’t masturbating, how will we ever know what we like?

It seems as if the problem might be that we need to sexually liberate women, not hand them a little pill or a hand-held vacuum.


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