Occupation: Imprisoning of an entire nation.

As usual there are problems between Israel and Palestine and as usual, both sides are talking a load of crap.

Famous image of a Palestinian Father Trying to Shield his son from Machine Gun bullets- he was obviously unsuccessful.

I am completely against the occupation of Palestine and find it particularly disturbing that a Jewish population would act this way towards another culture after all they went through during the Holocaust.  This does not go to say that I think Palestinians are innocent, because in reality, both sides are violent towards one another.  My issue has more to do with Zionism and their belief that Israel is their land because they are the chosen ones.

This belief has led to the division of an entire country into three separate areas, in which the Palestinians cannot freely move about, thousands of unnecessary deaths and an animosity between the two countries like never seen before; I find difficult to believe it will ever be resolved.  The hateful, angry energy that this area of the world creates with their eye for an eye mentality is a disgrace given that they are bombing and destroying the very land the majority of the human population find extremely sacred.

We can put pressure on Israel to allow food and building materials into the country as well as other forms of humanitarian aide, but that still does not free an entire nation of people that are imprisoned from the time of birth to the time of death.

I often think to myself how refreshing it would be, if Palestine finally got a clue and followed the teachings of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and even Jesus Christ himself, by practicing non-violent resistance.   As we can all see from the horrible footage that was captured of humanitarians getting killed while trying to enter Palestine with food

and supplies, people around the world suddenly felt sympathy and compassion for Palestine.  By ending suicide bombings, anti-semetic remarks, and any form of violence, by unifying in peace and solidarity, putting all weapons aside and suffering the horrible sanctions and violent acts that Israel forces on them everyday, Palestine would gain support and empathy from around the globe.  The struggle will be a long one, but at least it would be successful as exhibited by the great men that have followed the practice of non-violent resistance in times of oppression.


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