It’s About God Damn Time (Excuse the Pun)

The pope has finally decided to apologize and beg for forgiveness over the numerous rapes and abuses it’s clergy has inflicted upon children around the world.  He promises to “do everything possible” to prevent any sort of abuse like this from taking place again.  This isn’t the most reassuring promise seeing as the Catholic Church has been sweeping this issue under the rug for thousands of years (as evidenced by Martin Luther, a monk in the 16th century in his 100 thesis against the Catholc Church: ) and has protected the abusers in the process with monetary bribes and re-location of the predators.

Lets hope this Douche said his Hail Marys

After all the Catholic Church has done to cause strife around the world since it’s inception.  It’s attempt to control the people and prevent them from being educated.  It’s vehement opposition to the rights of our Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgendered brothers and sisters.  The blatant disregard for the HIV epidemic and it’s discouragment of safe sex ( and finally, the molestation and abuse of innocent children who’s parents entrusted their safety with their religous figure heads.

How can anyone voluntarily support such a detrimental and oppressive organization?  It is time people stopped being scared of  this arcahic, irrelevant organization and stood up for what is right and moral.


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