Is Imprisoning your daughter and having 10 children with her becoming a trend?

Some perv in a remote fishing village in Brazil decided to imprison his own daughter for 12 years, rape her repeatedly and proceed to have seven children with her.  This weirdo didn’t just stop at that, he then decided to go after his daughter/grandchild and abuse her as well.

Apparently they were kept in a thatched hut in the jungle that could only be reached by canoe.  The daughter, 28 and her seven children were malnurished.  The seven children barely had the abilty to verbally communicate, could not write  and were not clothed.

The Austrian Sicko

Charges will not be pressed until the investigation is over and the douchbag admitted to everything.

Josef Fritzl an Austrian man committed a similar crime a couple years ago that is still at trial.  Holding his daughter captive for 24 years (she was 42

when released).  Seven children were concieved during this time; abused, neglected and held captive.  This perv claims insanity and if the courts believe him, will probably just have to go to a mental assylum and get taken careof for the rest of his life.

Now, I try to live a life without passing judgment on others but this is absolutely insane.  I have trouble understanding how anyone could commit

this sort of crime and against their own child.  Then there is the whole incestuous aspect.  I wonder what psychologically  posesses the man to do such a thing, it can’t be purely sexual, can it?  I mean, plenty of incestuous rape occurs in this world whether we like to admit it or not; but to hold the

person captive, proceed to impregnate them repeatedly and then treat the offspring in such a careless and abusive manner, transcends any comprehensible form of abuse.

Ew Ew Ew,Vomit.


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