Happy Happy Fun Fun, Argentina is Going to Kick Everyone’s Ass!

A Giant Vuvuzela in the center of Cape Town, Ironically located near my home.

South Africa is hosting the World Cup as most people know, and lucky lucky me gets to be a part of it since I am currently living in Cape Town!

While the energy here is ridiculously amazing, I have one complaint:

The Vuvuzela
The vuvuzela is a horn that the South African people take to sport games and blow repeatedly in their excited frenzy.  As you can imagine, the World Cup excitement has everyone tooting their damn horn.

There was a campaign for everyone to blow their vuvuzelas at exactly noon yesterday and it went beyond my expectations.  The streets were lined with decorated cars; a blur of color from the myriad of flags (a majority were South African if I am to be honest).  People in their favorite team jersey holding their vuvuzelas and using every breath they had to blow it passionately.  The energy was captivating and made me feel overwhelmed with happiness (and even well up with tears) for a country that has had so much divide and such a conflicted past.  They came together in true South African fashion: dancing, celebrating, smiles, excitement.

…But, I do not appreciate hearing the vuvuzela at 7am this morning, nor do I want to hear the damn things hooting away as I try to work at my desk.

God Bless Africa.

Click below to see awesome pics of yesterdays celebrations:



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