Heads or Tails?

This could have been you.

Once I met a man with a tail, his name was Mike.  I didn’t particularly like him as he was a chauvinist.  The first thought in my mind when I was informed of his tail, was “how appropriate”.  His parents later had it removed, for obvious reasons.

Apparently this condition currently affects 12 million people and scientists are unsure of the cause.

I have yet to meet another person with a tail, although various hypothetical situations come to mind when thinking about this subject:

  1. You and your friends go out for a heavy night of drinking, you begin flirting with someone you find extremely attractive.  One thing leads to another and you find yourselves in bed.  Pants come off and you discover the tail.  Awkward.
  2. You are in the gym locker room preparing for your pilates workout, to your surprise someone getting dressed next to you exposes their tail in all it’s glory.  Again, awkward.
  3. Lastly, I imagined that someone asks you to babysit their child.  You go to change their nappy, only to discover a tail.  Maybe more stunned than awkward.

I would love to hear about anyone else that has come in contact with this interesting condition.


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