Promoting something that is making me absolutely no money.

My fiance and I were sitting at home in our usual way after a long days work and he decided to show me an awesome website.

Some dude, I assume he is American since the title of his blog is “The Cool Hunter, Roaming the USA and the Globe so you are in the know”.  Why is America so special that it is mentioned separately from the entire Globe?

Any way, the site is awesome despite the title of the blog.  I am American, so I don’t fully understand why it annoys me so.  Well, probably because we have such a reputation for thinking that the U.S. is the center of the universe, but lets not let my commentary take away from how cool the site really is.

So, this dude somehow got enough money to roam around and find the coolest things in every facet; from art, to architecture, to cars, to colour.  Basically anything design oriented.

Check it out, its worth your time.


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