Insincerity is like a Stale Toot

Sometimes I wonder why there are certain people that we come in contact with, that just simply do not have a desire to get to know you despite commonalities such as friends or interests.   It also baffles me when I interact with a person and later find that our interactions were not sincere.

We are all human, we are all inately good, unless we have allowed outside forces to poison us.  It makes me wonder why two people can’t just have an open conversation about feelings and then try to view the perception of the other.

Some times I think that I am a bit too sensitive.  It is ok if someone doesn’t like me.  I suppose it is like when I go shopping and I think that a particular dress is hideous, but the woman next to me is dying to buy it.

Conclusion: Continue to live a life with love in my heart and a spring in my step.

Why don't you ask yourself: WWJD?


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